WiZ-Collection I Connected lights

22 Premium Product of Germany ALEK | 489 2 1 1 9489.02.15.8800 Ø ca. 80,5 cm p ca. 5 cm 2 9489.02.70.8800 Ø ca. 80,5 cm p ca. 5 cm incl. 23 All measures in this Catalogue areapproximately. Allmeasures in cm. All prices and technical informa- tionare indicativeand subject to change. Our products comply with the EDVLF VDIHW\ UHTXLUHPHQWV GHǩ - ned in EU guidelines. Our products are reviewed by TÜV Rheinland or the VDE 3U¿ǩQVWLWXW LQ DQQXDO IDFWRU\ tests. WOFI designs are protected by design patent. Any imitations will be pursued through the courts. Connected lights for your home For more information, download our WiZ video by scanning the QR code or go direct to DžDžDžȦDžūǛȹDžĿǕȦČūŞ ZEICHENERKLÄRUNG / ICÔNE / ICONS Technische Beschreibung Description Technique Technical Description LED integriert LED intégrée Built-in LED lamps LED Board LED Board LED Board Ohne Leuchtmittel E27 Sans ampoule E27 Without bulb E27 Ohne Leuchtmittel E14 Sans ampoule E14 Without bulb E14 Schalter interrupteur Switch 3-Stufen-Dimmer 3 intensités dimmer 3 step dimmer Dimmer dimmer dimmer Dimmbar mittels Wandschalter 3 intensités dimmer avec interrupteur mural 3 step dimmable by wall switch Fußdimmer Variateur au pied Foot dimmer Touch-Dimmer Touch-It Touch-It 3-fach Touch-Dimmer Variation 3 intensités touch-dimmer 3 intensities touch-dimmer Farbtemperaturwechsler Changement de température de couleur Change color temperature Fernbedienung télécommande Remote control Inklusive Batterie Y compris les piles including batteries Bunt / RGB coloré colourful/ coloured Schlafmodus module veille sleep mode Nachtlicht lumière de nuit Night light Sternenhimmel étoilé canopy of stars Drahtseil kürzbar Hauteur réglable wire rope can be shortened Memory Mémoire Memory WiZ connected Connecté WIZ WIZ connected Bedinung über Smartphone / Tablet Tablette Tablet Bedingung über Sprachsteuerung Alexa Alexa