Our WiZ-Lights

Our WiZ-Lights

Mixing light with WiZ

With the innovative WiZ-Collection, a smart lighting concept is being introduced. 16 million light colours, 64,000 cool to warm white tones set the stage for house and apartment depending on mood, season or need – highly individual from universal white working light to cosy fireplaces.

Living room

Dining Room

Further WiZ-Lights



Unlike many other smart lighting systems you don’t even need additional devices such as a hub. Simply connect your WOFI lights using WiZ technology, pick up your smartphone and in just a few minutes you can experience your new smart home lighting.


Turn your lights on in your home from your office and vice versa. You can even control your WiZ locations from as far away as the moon. As long as you’ve got internet access, you can do what you want to do with your lights – even when you’re not physically there.

Remote control

No smartphone to hand? No problem: it’s easy to operate your new WOFI lights using the remote control supplied.


We have a powerful multi-user system with three different access right tiers over multiple WiZ locations: